Our Activities

  • Jungle Walk in Chitwan

    Jungle Walk

    Jungle Walk: you get best animals sightings on foot at your own pace. You will be able to appreciate the smaller attractions of the jungle with our experience naturalists. Usually is it easy to see animals like Rhino, Deer, Wild boar, Sloth Bear and many more animals. As animals prefer to live in less disturbed areas of the park, long day walk access to get into wide areas of the park. You can extend you jungle walk up to 6 days to increase the chances of seeing more animals.

  • Elephant Safari in Chitwan

    Elephant Riding

    Elephant Back Safari: Elephant safari is the safest and most convenient way to get around in the jungle and observe the wildlife. All the elephants are well trained and the driver will take you to deep jungle and grasslands to view many wild animals and bird species at close range.

  • Canoe Trip in Chitwan

    Canoe Trip

    Canoe trip: a float down to river by dugout canoe is the best way to see crocodiles basking at the river bank. It is also a relaxing way to watch birds and wildlife species that frequently come to drink water and bath. We also can organize half day and whole day canoe trip as your interest.

  • Bird Watching in Chitwan

    Nepal Bird Watching

    Chitwan national park is known as a paradise for birds and birdwatchers. Chitwan valley records over 500 species of birds. The eagle eyes of our naturalist will point out local as well as some of the migratory and globally threatened birds.

  • Tharu Village Tour in Chitwan

    Tharu Village Tour

    Tharus are the main indigenous ethnic groups in Chitwan. They are well known for their resistance to Malaria. Traditionally they are farmers and practice their own unique tribal culture. Tharu houses are made of mud and cow's dung plastered over wood and reed frames. Their culture is still strong in Terai. Our naturalist will take you to their village and describe their lifestyle and culture.

  • Tharu Cultural Dance in Chitwan

    Tharu Cultural Dance

    Culture Dance: After a day, full of wild encounters, you will enjoy the culture evening with Tharu Folk songs and dance performance by the Tharu people, which gives an insight into their culture. You will have amazing dancing experience in Chitwan.

  • Elephant Breeding Center in Chitwan

    Elephant Breeding Center

    Chitwan National Park has a renowned elephant breeding camp. It is among the very few elephant-breeding center around the world. You can enjoy seeing the newly born baby elephant and knowing about their fertility technique.

  • Jeep Safari in Chitwan

    Jeep Safari in Nepal

    Jeep Safari: a jeep safari is the fastest way to explore wide area of the park. A whole 4-hours drive takes about 45 km in the park passing through the grasslands, riverine forests and Sal forests to Kasara (the National Park's head office). Gharial Hatchery Farm where you will learn about how they collect crocodile's eggs and hatch them and send them to river. So there are chances to see many animals. We also can organize whole day jeep drive with packed lunch as per your interest, which you can explore most part of the park.

  • Sun set viewing in Chitwan

    Sun set viewing:

    Sun set viewing: It's time to have full relaxed while sunset viewing. You also can have some beer or snacks then get influence of sunset viewing over the sky of paradise from Chitwan.

  • Night Stay at the Jungle Tower:

    Jeep Safari in Nepal

    Several towers and lakes have been created by a local community committee to preserved wildlife in forest. There are provisions for a whole night stay in an extraordinary deep and peaceful jungle environment.

  • Cycling tour to 20000 lakes:

    Nepal Biking Tour

    You can also take a bicycle ride to Bis Hajjar Tal (20,000 Lake) in about 1½ hours. You may see rhinos, Gharial and magar crocodile and birds at the lake. You should get to the lake early in morning. A bike should be reserved the night before.

  • Elephant Bath in Chitwan

    Elephant Bathing in Chitwan

    Elephant Bath: On the middle of the day riding on the bare back of the elephant & go to the Rapti River. Swimming and washing them is great fun to play with large mammals.